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Investing in the air conditioning of any property requires the help of an expert. It isn’t as simple as making a hole in your wall and slipping an air conditioning unit into the space. Whether it’s a commercial or residential system you are looking to install, our experts at Acclimatise Airconditioning are on hand to help you in Guildford.

Our professional services are chosen by companies large and small to help find the ideal solutions for your specific needs. Are you finding the temperature in your property fluctuates too much during the day? Have you discovered a fault with your current system? Do you want to find out how much an upgrade on your current system will cost you? Our experience in installing, maintaining and repairing air conditioning systems across Guildford can help you.

Choose us in Guildford for commercial air conditioning installations

At Acclimatise Air Conditioning we work hard to provide a complete service from start to finish. We will begin by evaluating the space you have and understanding your specific requirements. We will then suit the latest products in the air conditioning world to your budget before installing the system.

You can be assured of a professional service which stems from our expertise in the industry. For commercial or residential air conditioning maintenance and repair services in Guildford, choose Acclimatise Airconditioning.

To find out about our air conditioning services across Guildford, get in contact with us today.

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Cellar Cooling Solutions

Storing and keeping wine and beer at the correct temperature has been a problem for centuries. Fortunately, in the modern age, technology is being developed that makes sure we have the chance to store wine and beer in their optimum conditions.

Our team at Acclimatise Airconditioning have identified a solution for residential and commercial premises requiring cellar cooling systems. Increasingly, we are finding this is a requirement in high-end homes where the homeowner has invested in developing their own wine cellar within their property. Not only does consideration have to be given to a system that is energy efficient and can provide effective temperature control, but because it is part of a well-designed environment, the aesthetics play a significant part too. Taking all of these things into consideration, we have the answer that ticks all the boxes. 

Unlike the more traditional cellar cooling systems, the solution we have found is a highly efficient AC range that can be specifically modified to suit low temperature applications in both commercial and residential premises. The latest models are built to the highest industry standards to ensure optimum safety and are relatively lightweight with a slim and compact design. The compressors in the system are inverter driven; ensuring that they are highly energy efficient in comparison to other, more standard, compressors. It is complemented by a design that has been developed for aesthetics making it the perfect cellar cooling solution for both commercial and residential applications. 

We are able to help you make this a reality in your commercial or residential property. We will discuss the range of options for your space and property before we design and install the ideal wine and beer cellar cooling system for your needs.

Contact the team at Acclimatise Airconditioning for expert advice and a free no obligation quote for your cellar cooling installation.

Our Guide

Why install air conditioning? 

  • To cool: Effectively reduce the temperature in any setting
  • To heat: More efficient than conventional central heating systems 
  • To regulate humidity:  Controls the amount of moisture in the air
  • To filter: Reduces the impact of dust particles, pollen and other contaminates which is of particular benefit to allergy sufferers

How does air conditioning work?

An air conditioning system comprises the following:-

  • The indoor unit (evaporator)
  • The outdoor unit (condenser)
  • A compressor (in the outdoor unit)
  • An expansion valve

 How it works in three easy steps:

  1. The first stage of the process is the refrigerant entering the compressor as an ambient gas. When this gas enters the compressor chamber it becomes pressurised and heats up. This gas passes through a set of copper coils and as the heat disperses into the air (outside through the condenser) the refrigerant gas becomes a warm liquid.
  2. The next stage is for the liquid refrigerant to travel through the expansion valve, little by little, into the evaporator as a cool liquid. This liquid evaporates at a low temperature and then turns to gas as it passes through the coils in the evaporator. As this process is happening, it draws the heat out of the room and as the fan in the indoor unit blows across the metal fins that cover the coils, it offers the sensation of cooling.
  3. The last stage of the process is the cool gas passing from the evaporator into the compressor to restart the process again. This cycle will repeat until the thermostat reaches a desired level. When the thermostat recognises that the actual temperature in the room is not matching the temperature specified by the user the compressor will start up again.

What types of system are there?

Type of System Description
Wall Mounted Fixed to the wall just below the ceiling
Floor Standing Fixed to the floor or the wall, just above the skirting board
Under Ceiling Mounted/Ceiling Suspended Fixed to a solid ceiling eg. if there is no ceiling void
Ceiling Cassette/Compact Cassette Fitted in the ceiling void, flush with the ceiling
Ducted Concealed within a ceiling void, loft space or eaves

The most common type of system is a “single split” system whereby one indoor unit serves one outdoor unit. However, other options are available, including a “multi-split” system whereby one outdoor unit serves more than one indoor unit.

What is an inverter?

Constantly regulating the temperature, an inverter is an upgrade on the standard use of air conditioning units that switch on and off when the temperature reaches a certain point. It regulates at a constant rate to ensure consistency, efficiency and durability.

Inverter driven air conditioning systems make it easy for you to set the compressor anywhere from full capacity to fully off. This depends on how much cooling power is required for the room. Long-lasting and suited to the changing temperatures a room faces each day, an inverter powered air conditioning system could be a great investment. 

Do I require an inverter system?

The evolving industry has made it important that inverter technology is used. Most companies want to offer the best and most energy efficient options for their customers and that’s why our guide explains them for you. Each kind of inverter has been created and designed for a specific purpose and budget.

  • Many manufacturers offer a standard inverter as a base model with regard to energy efficiency which is often the most inexpensive to buy. These are ideal for those who don’t want a system that is going to be used regularly and where running costs aren’t going to be a concern.
  • The most popular is the mid-range set of inverters. While they are slightly more expensive than the standard inverter it is also more efficient which is reflected in the running costs.
  • Top end inverters are more expensive but can save you money throughout the year. The summer and winter fluctuations will be handled effectively by this inverter with ease.  

It is all about finding the perfect balance between the air conditioning unit you need and your budget. This will depend on a range of factors, but you can work it out with our team at Acclimatise Airconditioning.

There are a few terms you may have seen that you want to confirm. Here is our mini guide:

COP – The ratio that measures the energy efficiency of the heating performance (the higher the better)

EER –The ratio that measures the energy efficiency of the cooling performance (the higher the better)

Energy Label – Rated from A+++ down to G

Annual Energy Consumption – The lower the better.

Energy Efficiency Class SEER SCOP
A+++ 8.50 > 5.10 >
A++ 6.10 < 8.50 4.60 < 5.10
A+ 5.60 < 6.10 4.00 < 4.60
A 5.10 < 5.60 3.40 < 4.00
B 4.60 < 5.10 3.10 < 3.40
C 4.10 < 4.60 2.80 < 3.10
D 3.60 < 4.10 2.50 < 2.80
E 3.10 < 3.60 2.20 < 2.50
F 2.60 < 3.10 1.90 < 2.20
G < 2.60  < 1.90 

What’s involved in an air conditioning installation?

As we mentioned above there will be two units: an indoor(evaporator) and an outdoor (condenser). Between these will run two lagged copper pipes, a 3 core and earth power cable and a drain.

Back-to-back’ installation: The units are placed adjacent to one another on the same wall. This ‘pipe run’ will be minimal going straight through one hole. In some circumstances, however, it isn’t practical for a back-to-back installation, so pipes may need to be run above suspended ceilings, through lofts or across walls in specialist ‘trunking’.

Multi-split system: This is where several indoor units are served from one outdoor unit. In this set-up, a more complex network of pipe runs will be required. Where the pipes from the indoor unit must run upwards the gravity drain will become ineffective, therefore a condensate pump will be required.

Whichever option you choose, you can be assured of a professional and high quality installation carried out by our expert team of engineers.

What warranty cover do I have?

All our installation work is covered by a 12-month guarantee and all installed systems are covered by a standard 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Some manufacturers offer extended warranties of 5 or 7 years. All warranties are subject to regular maintenance being carried out by F-Gas registered engineers.

We also carry out routine servicing to ensure that your air conditioning systems operate as efficiently as possible. Lack of maintenance and dirty components can increase energy consumption by as much as 60% and increase the possibility of component failure.

Choose our team to provide regular maintenance to ensure your system is working to its best. Speak with us to discuss your options today.



A customer, client, investor or employee stepping into your commercial property will notice one thing instantaneously. The atmosphere of a room. It is a natural reaction that our bodies feel, and it can cause a number of problems if your commercial premises do not have a working air conditioning system.

The productivity of your staff, the happiness of your investors and the comfort of any visitors to your premises are all on the line without an air conditioning system for your Fleet property. At Acclimatise Air Conditioning we are chosen by a number of companies across the area to provide them with our abundance for air conditioning services in Fleet.

Designing, discussing and installing a new commercial air conditioning system

Our team work across Fleet to offer companies with large and small properties with our bespoke installation services. We will tailor our air conditioning expertise to your specific area to install a long-lasting air conditioning system that freshens the air in your Fleet warehouse, storage area or outlet.

Helping you with air conditioning maintenance services in Fleet

The lifespan of anything as integral to your business as air conditioning will depend on a number of things. When something goes wrong, you will want to know there is a team who can help you immediately. At Acclimatise Air Conditioning we provide regular and emergency maintenance and servicing for air conditioning units across Fleet and further afield.

To book our team for our air conditioning services in Fleet, speak with us today.

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The conditions of your premises will be an important tool to attract customers, ensure productive staff and provide potential investors with a welcoming atmosphere. The first thing that we feel when we walk into a room is the warmth or coldness of it. Air conditioning systems are called upon to ensure the air is clear, fresh and is neither too hot or cold.

We provide air conditioning services across Farnham at Acclimatise Air Conditioning to help a wide range of businesses from a vast array of sectors to secure the best possible solutions to their issues. From our design and installation services in Farnham through to our maintenance and servicing abilities, we are perfectly placed to help you.

How do we offer air conditioning design and installation services in Farnham?

Discussion and planning will take place in the first instance to recognise the solutions our new system will help with. After we know what type and positioning can be used to upgrade your premises, we will install it professionally on your Farnham property.

Maintenance and servicing for air conditioning systems in Farnham

Guaranteeing that your air conditioning system is working to the best of its ability is difficult. You might hear something louder or realise that it isn’t performing as it used to. That’s when you should call our team at Acclimatise Air Conditioning for our maintenance and servicing in Farnham.

Book our team for our selection of services by getting in contact with us.

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