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Recreate your office environment at home.

Acclimatise Airconditioning

Providing Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Solutions to homes and business in Surrey & Hampshire.

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“The very best technology solution to achieve the perfect climate for your home or office.”

We are solution-driven air conditioning specialists who deliver the ideal climate to homeowners and
businesses using the latest technology that is both cost-effective to run and energy-efficient.


The feeling of an air-conditioned environment is something we are all familiar with. We can’t see it, but we always know when it isn’t there.

The temperature in a room can fluctuate to the point that it affects our well-being, we are either too hot or too cold. Sounds obvious, but air conditioning is something we take for granted and often don’t notice until it is taken away. At Acclimatise Airconditioning we find the very best technology solution to achieve the perfect climate for your home or office.


What’s more, the solutions we find reduce a homeowner’s carbon footprint due to it being a renewable energy source. The very last thing we should be doing is changing our behaviour because of the climate in a building. Rather than having slower days at home with the blinds down, air conditioning can improve the quality of life for everyone in the household. Temperatures are controlled and regular routines can be maintained. Everyone can sleep at the perfect temperature and those working from home can concentrate as if they were in the office. When we meet you at your home or office, we work with you to find the best technology solution to achieve your perfect climate. We discuss your climate needs so that you can sleep, work, play or study at a temperature that improves your well-being and productivity, whatever the weather.

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