The Importance of Regular Maintenance

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

We are all in the habit of taking our cars for a service.  No doubt, as we pull away from the garage, our cars feel different to drive; smoother and more efficient.

Air Conditioning systems are no different.  Any form of motor attracts dirt and dust and a film of grime coats the mechanism, affecting its performance and efficiency.  Components are put under strain and the Air Conditioning works twice as hard.  This impacts both the performance and the cost of running the system.

At Acclimatise Air Conditioning, we pride ourselves on maintaining and servicing units as part of the annual maintenance checks.  For us, it’s not just a case of installing a system; it is crucial that it is serviced regularly to keep components running at optimal performance.

Homeowners and businesses across Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire book annual checks with our team of engineers who visit homes and offices to deep clean units.  These images show the amount of dust and dirt that can accumulate on the condensing unit coil.   Once clean, the performance and efficiency was back to when the Air Conditioning was first installed.

We offer ongoing maintenance contracts to homeowners and businesses in Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

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