Air conditioning in Guildford: 3 reasons why Guildford homeowners are choosing AC


Air conditioning in Guildford – is it really necessary? It’s certainly easy to imagine the Great British Summer with its traditional two days of sunshine, picnics in the car and pouring rain the only reliable weather prediction. But recent years have painted a different picture. The world is hotting up, and every summer for the last five years has had a period the Meteorological Office calls a “heatwave.” The UK climate is changing, but you still deserve a comfortable home.

Here are three reasons why homeowners are installing air conditioning:

1. Air conditioning in Guildford homes makes them future-proof

With heatwaves becoming a regular occurrence, it’s a good idea to install air conditioning now. Even if we’ve seen the last of the super-high temperatures for 2022, they’re likely to be back in 2023 and into the future.

Greenhouse gases emitted by cars and other pollutants have created a layer round the Earth from which heat struggles to escape. This means that the whole world is getting hotter, with recorded temperatures in the high thirties becoming an increasingly frequent event. When you install air conditioning, you prepare your home for future high temperatures. Air conditioning will keep your home comfortable no matter how hot it is outside.

2. Sleep better and improve your health

Sleeping badly can affect our health. The body needs sleep to heal, and lack of it increases the risk of obesity, heart disease and infection. A good night’s sleep is also essential for a productive day, and studies show that lack of sleep accounts for a disturbing number of sick days from work. But it’s hard to sleep in hot weather. “Tropical nights” is the name given to nights when the temperature doesn’t drop below 20 degrees Celsius. With temperatures like that, it can be difficult to sleep – the human body prefers to be cool at night time, which is why many of us sleep better with the window open. But opening a window on a tropical night only lets more warm air in.

Fortunately, installing air conditioning can create a pleasant environment for sleep. And when we sleep better, our bodies can heal themselves as nature intended. We wake up ready for the day, to do a great job in the office, at home or wherever we need to be.

3. Improve productivity when you work from home

One of the success stories to emerge from the pandemic is the rise in working from home. Many workers have moved into more rural areas like the Guildford area of Surrey, enjoying the freedom of not having to go into the office. Parents have enjoyed having more time with their children, and even those without kids are embracing the improved quality of life. With more businesses offering flexible working solutions, it’s a shame to give it all up just because the home office is too hot. It’s hard to work when it’s too hot – we can’t concentrate or make effective decisions. Statistics vary, but it’s clear that many working hours are lost to hot weather. This puts us under pressure to make up the time when the weather becomes cooler, as well as costing businesses thousands of pounds.

Many of our clients are installing air conditioning so their home is a more comfortable place to work from. With work-from-home here to stay and heatwaves becoming more frequent, we believe air conditioning is the solution many people are looking for.

Air conditioning in Guildford – get a quote today

We love helping people improve their quality of life by having air conditioning installed at home. Yes, summers are getting hotter, but that doesn’t mean your work, sleep and health should be affected. To find out more, get in touch today on 01483 570 120 or email us – we’d love to hear from you.


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