3 ways to reduce your heating bills with an air-to-air heat pump

3 ways to reduce your heating bills with an air-to-air heat pump

When the Acclimatise team install air conditioning, our primary aim is to keep your home cool during hot weather. But did you know that our air conditioning systems also provide energy-efficient heat, lowering your energy bills and carbon footprint during the winter? 

In this blog, we look at the 3 ways to reduce your heating bills with an air-to-air heat pump. 

1 Only heat the areas you use most

Most of our customers only have air conditioning installed in the rooms where they spend most of their time. Usually, this is the kitchen or sitting room, or open-plan living space. This means that when winter comes, customers can use their air conditioning to heat these same rooms. 

Only heating the rooms you use most is much more efficient than heating the whole house. If you chose to cool your living area and study so you could work from home in hot weather, you can use the same system to create heat and work from home in cold weather too. 

You can lower your bills by only heating specific areas. Not using energy when you don’t need to is also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and avoid waste.

2 Only turn on your radiators when the outside temperature drops below 5C

Air conditioning is primarily for cooling but is just as effective as a heating system, as it creates enough warmth so that you can use it to heat your home, which means you can postpone radiator use until the temperatures get really cold.

Using your air conditioning system to heat your main rooms means you don’t have to turn on your radiators as soon as there’s a nip in the air. This is because air-to-air heat pumps are enough to warm your main rooms during spring and autumn, and you’ll only need to turn on your radiators during extremely cold weather. 

Many of our customers have their gas thermostats set to a lower temperature than people who don’t have air-to-air heat pumps. Why? Because during milder winter weather, their air conditioning system can provide the warmth they need. They only need the radiators to turn on when the outside temperature is extremely low. 

3 Enjoy the most efficient energy consumption

Our air-to-air heat pumps are ultra-efficient. With our heat pumps, one kilowatt of energy going in creates four kilowatts of heat. This happens because the pump supplements the energy that goes in with energy from the air. Bearing in mind that about 43% of the UK’s energy is now renewable and that three-quarters of the energy used by the pump is coming from the air, you’ll benefit from a lot of heat for a very low carbon footprint. (Find out more here.)

Using less energy also lowers our bills. The efficiency of the heat pump means that you pay a lot less to use it than you would for, say, a plug-in electric heater. 

Above all, our heat pumps provide an electric heating system. Electricity is more efficient than gas, and because so much of it is renewable, it will usually have a lower carbon footprint too. 

3 ways to reduce your heating bills with an air-to-air heat pump

If you’re considering installing air conditioning before next summer, why not get in touch now and see the winter benefits too? We’ve installed countless heat pumps in Basingstoke and other parts of Hampshire and we’d love to help you find the right solution for your home. Contact us today on 01483 570120 to find out more. 

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