Air conditioning installation for artist Sean Henry

Air conditioning installation for artist Sean Henry

Artist Sean Henry is well known in his native Woking where a number of his sculptures are distributed around the town center. We were delighted when he asked us to install air conditioning in his 2000sq ft single-story art studio near Southampton.

Walking Figure 2022, bronze with exterior paint, 2.3m high. Location: The Hills, Arrowtown, New Zealand

Who is the artist Sean Henry?

Sean Henry is originally from Woking. He studied at the Farnham School of Art and also holds a bachelor’s degree in ceramics from Bristol Polytechnic.

Now he works as a sculptor, producing art for both public and private settings. His work turns up all over the world, and the travellers among you might have seen his work in the USA, Scandinavia and Australia. He created the UK’s first offshore sculpture in the sea at Newbiggin, Northumberland – a massive sculpture of a couple out at sea, with a small replica on the shore so you can take a closer look. Closer to home, his Woking sculptures generate double-takes and photo opportunities, and up the road in London, his Walking Men and Women swell the crowds and pose many questions.

Sean Henry works in both clay and bronze. His sculptures are usually polychrome, meaning he paints them so they’re coloured. While his outdoor sculptures are weatherproof, any art should be kept at a constant temperature where possible to minimise the risk of damage. Installing air conditioning allowed Sean Henry to work and store his art in the best possible environment.

Find out more about Sean Henry here.

You’re Not The Same 2005, bronze, oil paint, wood. Location: Forum Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

Why do artists need air conditioning?

Any art expert would recommend maintaining a constant temperature and humidity to preserve artworks. An air to air heat pump allows you to keep the temperature constant, as well as acting as a dehumidifier.

Many artists work with heat for firing clay and melting bronze. Regulating temperature makes for a more comfortable working environment.
Studios can become very hot. Most artists prefer working in lots of natural light and choose studios with large windows. However, large windows can easily make a working environment too hot or too cold. Fortunately, air conditioning can regulate the temperature and allow the artists to work productively all year round.

Portrait Sculpture of Sir Tim Berners Lee 2015, bronze, oil paint, 113cm high. Location: National Portrait Gallery collection, London, UK

Commercial air conditioning from Acclimatise

Acclimatise has installed air conditioning for many businesses in Surrey and Hampshire. As well as working with artists, we’ve also installed air conditioning for schools, yoga studios, marketing consultancies, retail units and more.

We provide a full circle service for our commercial customers, from the initial consultation through to installation, maintenance and even decommission and replacement. We’re also available for emergency callouts.

To find out more about the difference air conditioning could make to your commercial premises, get in touch today on 01483 570 120.

Header image from Wikimedia
Catafalque’ 2003 by Sean Henry. Painted bronze, 4m x 1.9m x 2m @ Boras University, Sweden.

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