Get fit in 2023 with air conditioning in Basingstoke

air conditioning in Basingstoke

Air conditioning in Basingstoke homes has made a big difference to a lot of families. With regulated temperatures, it’s easier to sleep, work and simply enjoy the home you’ve worked hard for. But did you know that air conditioning can also make it easier to exercise at home…and stick to your new year’s resolutions?

If you’ve made a resolution to get fit in 2023 and exercise regularly, air conditioning could help. Let’s take a closer look.

Why is exercise difficult to keep up?

If you’re someone who already exercises regularly, or you’ve done a rather cold and soggy Park Run since New Year, you’re probably aware of how the weather affects our exercise regimes. During the winter, you may have to postpone your run because of rain or snow. And while yoga in the garden sounds idyllic, it’s really only practical in spring (assuming it doesn’t rain). Basically, as anyone who’s tried it knows, winter is too cold and summer is too hot for outdoor exercise. And if we postpone outdoor workouts because of the weather, it’s difficult to make exercise a regular part of our lives. 

So, outdoor exercise is hit and miss. What about indoor exercise? Well, if it’s already too hot or cold outdoors to go for a run, chances are it’s not much better indoors. Running on a treadmill in a stuffy room isn’t our idea of relaxation, and doing yoga in thick socks could make us slip and hurt ourselves. 

Fortunately, there is a solution. With air conditioning, our homes and garden rooms can become lovely places to exercise, helping us to stay healthy and stick to our resolutions!

How does air conditioning help us exercise at home?

There are three ways that air conditioning at home helps us to exercise regularly: 

  1. With air conditioning in our homes, we can regulate the temperature so it is always comfortable. Because we get hot when we exercise, it makes sense to work out in a cooler room. 
  2. Because we can regulate the temperature at home, it’s always a comfortable place to exercise. This means that we don’t lose our momentum – if Monday morning is kettlebell time, we can keep that pattern whatever the weather. 
  3. Air conditioning is usually installed in particular rooms. This means we can dedicate exercise space at home. We’ve seen many people build garden rooms to use as home gyms, installing air conditioning to make a more comfortable exercise environment. With dedicated space, we won’t find anyone using the exercise bike as a clothes airer, and entering the “home gym” helps us get into the right mindset for exercise. 

Air conditioning in Basingstoke

We have installed air conditioning in Basingstoke homes and throughout Hampshire and Surrey. With regulated temperatures, home is a better place to be and a more comfortable place to exercise. If you think air conditioning could make a difference to your wellbeing, we’d love to hear from you. Explore our website or get in touch to find out more. 

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