Air conditioning in Cranleigh – solutions for your garden room

Air conditioning in Cranleigh

Air conditioning in Cranleigh homes is already a popular choice, but did you know you can also have air conditioning fitted in your garden room? Garden rooms are a great way to add extra space and value to your property, but they can easily become too hot or too cold. 

In this blog, we take a closer look at garden rooms and how air conditioning can make them comfortable all year round.

Why do garden rooms need air conditioning?

Who doesn’t love a garden room? These gorgeous little buildings are not only useful as extra space, but also enhance your garden and add value to your home. 

Unfortunately, most private gardens don’t have unlimited space. You might not have very much choice over where to put your garden room. Boundaries, trees and power supplies all influence the location – you might end up with a garden room that heats up quickly on a summer day.  

Nearly all UK homes have central heating, but a garden room is separate from the house and difficult to link to the heating system you already have. 

A key selling point of garden rooms is all the lovely natural light they let in. They often have full-length windows and bi-fold doors. The downside of this is that they can let in too much sun on a hot summer’s day. And in the winter, the room will lose some heat through the glass, even if it’s triple-glazed.

If you use your garden room for your business, extremes of temperature could stop you using it all year round. Beauticians and therapists sometimes use their garden room as their salon, for example, and want clients to feel comfortable, not stuffy and sweaty. If it’s your home office, there might be times when you welcome clients and colleagues there rather than using the family home, but chattering teeth are not conducive to productivity.

How can air conditioning improve garden rooms?

You’ll be glad to hear that air conditioning is a great solution to all these difficulties and has many advantages too. Remember, the same heat pump system can heat your garden room as well as cool it, so you’ll get the benefit all year round. 

The units are small so you won’t lose any more garden space by installing them. 

Air conditioning systems work separately from the main central heating system – the ideal solution for a garden room that’s not physically connected to your home. 

Air conditioning in Cranleigh with Acclimatise

We have wide experience of installing air conditioning in Cranleigh garden rooms and home offices. To find out more about how air conditioning could make your garden room more comfortable, explore our site or contact us today on 01483 570 120. 

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