Air conditioning in Kew – what to expect when you have air conditioning installed in your bedroom


Air conditioning in Kew is a fast-growing trend and as the hot UK summers continue, it’s one that’s
definitely here to stay.

Across South East England and the Home Counties, many homeowners are choosing to have air
conditioning installed in their bedrooms so they can have a good night’s sleep, even in hot weather.
In this blog, we look at the advantages of having air conditioning installed in your bedroom, and
what to expect when our team arrive to do it.

Why should you have air conditioning in your bedroom?

The bedroom is one of the top rooms in the house where the Acclimatise team install air
conditioning. Why? Because sleep matters. Keeping cool on a hot night means you can sleep better
and awake refreshed, ready for whatever the next day holds. Sleep is also important for all-round
health – trying to manage without adequate sleep can lay you open to all kinds of problems.
Among its other sleep tips, the NHS recommends sleeping in a cool room. Find out more here.
Fortunately, when you have air conditioning installed in your bedroom, it creates the cool
environment you need. You’re more likely to sleep well, no matter how hot the night.

Air conditioning installation day – what to expect

Your bedroom is a very personal space. It’s your sanctuary from the bustle of the day, and quite
different from the downstairs rooms where you might welcome guests. Fortunately, our team
completely understand and are always very respectful of customers’ homes, particularly their
If the bedroom air conditioning is the only unit you’re having installed in your home, the job will
usually only take one day. Depending on the location of the unit, you won’t usually have to move
any of the furniture. And if furniture does need moving, we can either do it for you or work around
Our team will always take the utmost care with your home. We know all the emotions homeowners
experience, so we’re always very respectful of your personal space. We work efficiently and use
dustsheets to protect your home and possessions. We always tidy up afterwards, leaving your home
as we found it.

Air conditioning in Kew homes

We’ve helped countless homeowners get a better night’s sleep with our effective, quiet, efficient air
conditioning solutions. We also install air conditioning in other rooms, including open-plan kitchen-
diners and home offices. To find out more about how air conditioning could make your home more
comfortable, why not explore our site? And if you have any questions, just get in touch – we’d love
to hear from you.

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