How long will it take to install air conditioning in Kingston upon Thames?

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How long will it take to install air conditioning in Kingston upon Thames?

Air conditioning in Kingston upon Thames homes is making a real difference to comfort and quality
of life. It’s a long-term solution, giving you the option to create a cool living environment whenever
hot weather shows itself. But to really get the benefit, it’s a good idea to install it during the winter.
You’ll benefit from shorter waiting times and a great home heating solution too. Best of all, it will be
ready to go as soon as the mercury rises.

How long are Acclimatise’s lead times for air conditioning?

When the weather is hot, we see people who have been deliberating about air conditioning
suddenly take action. Our installation diary fills up quickly and customers may have to wait up to six weeks to have their new air conditioning installed.
And if you know British weather, you won’t be surprised to hear that an a/c installation booked in
hot weather usually ends up taking place in mild weather. Temperatures in the thirties rarely last
for weeks!
On the other hand, South East England now experiences uncomfortably hot weather on an annual
basis. This means air conditioning is definitely worth installing. If – like many others – you called us at
the start of September 2023 during the extreme Indian summer, we may have told you that you will
have to wait until October for installation. This probably meant an uncomfortable “back to school”
week…but your new air-source heat pump will arrive just in time to heat your home for winter.
To avoid these longer waiting times, we’d recommend contacting us now, or any time during the
autumn and winter months. During autumn and winter, waiting times can be as little as a week, so
you can make your decision and benefit from the results in a very short space of time. And you’ll be
all ready for next year’s inevitable heatwave, whenever it strikes.

Air conditioning in Kingston upon Thames homes

We’ve installed countless air conditioning units in Kingston upon Thames. Our air-source heat pumps
are a fantastic energy saving solution to living with the UK’s regular heatwaves. Not only that, but they
can also draw warm air into your home during cold weather, heating your living space. Explore our
site to find out more about air-source heat pumps and how they work. And if you have any
questions or you’re ready to book your installation, get in touch today on 01483 570 120.

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