Air conditioning in Slough – are heat pumps cheaper than electric or gas heating?

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Air conditioning in Slough homes means that more families are benefiting from heat pumps. In addition to cooling homes in the summer, the air-to-air heat pump will also heat your home in the winter. And with heat pumps being one of the most efficient ways to heat your home, you can enjoy lower-cost heating with a smaller carbon footprint too.
Let’s take a closer look.

Will a heat pump lower my heating bill?

It is difficult to make a direct comparison between different types of heating, because not only do they work in a different way, but we use them in a different way! Gas or electric central heating will often heat the whole house at once. By comparison, most homeowners who have heat pumps installed choose to have them in just one or two rooms.

However, most homeowners with heat pumps do see lower heating bills. This is because a heat pump runs more efficiently than either gas or electric heating. For every unit of energy a heat pump uses, it can produce four units of heat – far more efficient than the ratio of energy to heat produced by gas or electric heating. By comparison, even the most efficient gas boiler (A-rated) can only use 90-95% of its energy to produce heat. In other words, one unit of energy produces less than one unit of heat in a gas boiler.
Heat pumps’ energy efficiency means lower bills for homeowners.

How else can I lower my heating bill?

It’s also important to remember that other factors play their part in lowering heating bills. Insulation is the biggest one and wise homeowners invest in loft insulation and cavity wall insulation to help keep heat in the home. Insulation will keep the warmth where you want it – you might find you can turn the heating to a lower temperature, or run it for a shorter time.

Whatever heating system you have, insulation will help you heat your home more efficiently.

Air conditioning in Slough

Acclimatise have installed countless air-to-air heat pumps in Slough, giving homeowners an opportunity to lower their bills and see a good return on their investment. To find out more about air-to-air heat pumps, heating and air conditioning, explore our site. And if you’re ready to book your installation, please give us a call on 01483 570 120 – we’d love to hear from you.

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