Air conditioning in Weybridge – could you save money with a heat pump?


Air conditioning in Weybridge is already saving Surrey homeowners money on their energy bills. Some people have seen their air-to-air heat pumps pay for themselves, while also reducing their household’s carbon footprint. If you’re considering getting a heat pump, read our blog to find out how it could save you money as well as heating your home.

Is it worth getting a heat pump in the UK?

It is absolutely worth getting one! Heat pumps work by drawing heat out of a room to make it cooler in summer, and by drawing heat from the outside air to warm your room in winter. The UK climate means that we always need to heat our homes in the colder months. And as our summers become hotter, it’s a good idea to cool our homes during heatwaves too. Because a heat pump works well in a country that has both cold winters and hot summers, it’s the ideal solution for a UK home.

Will a heat pump reduce my bills?

Very probably. Without access to individual households’ energy bills, it’s hard to put an exact figure on the saving, but believe us when we say you’ll see a difference. The reason a heat pump could reduce your bills is because it’s so efficient to run. One unit of energy will produce four units of heat in the winter. Compare this with the heat-to-power ratio of electric heating, which produces just one unit of heat to one unit of energy. And in the summer, a heat pump is more efficient than an electric fan for cooling a room. What this means is that you can heat and cool your home with less energy when you use a heat pump. And because energy comes at a cost, the less you use, the lower your bills. Using less energy is also better for the environment. Air-to-air heat pumps run on electricity, which might have the added bonus of coming from a renewable source. Compare this with gas central heating, which necessarily relies on burning fossil fuels.

Air conditioning in Weybridge

We love helping homeowners improve their standard of living with air-to-air heat pumps. We install air conditioning in Weybridge properties as well as other areas of Surrey and Hampshire. To find out how we can make your home more comfortable, explore our site or get in touch on 01483 570 120.

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