Domestic Air Conditioning Epsom

Lying awake at night, boiling under the covers, only to toss the sheets aside and still feel uncomfortable? Get your room to the right temperature with Acclimatise Air Conditioning. Our team of trained professionals will consult with you to find the perfect air conditioning unit for you.

With the winter months now in full swing, it can also get cold during the evenings. We at Acclimatise Air Conditioning don’t just keep things cool, we can also heat things up. With one of our cutting edge heat pumps you’ll be able to experience the temperatures you want in your household, no matter what month it is.

We do more than just residential heating and air conditioning, if you’re looking for something to improve workflow and get everyone feeling more comfortable, why not have our team of experts take a look at ways to improve or implement air conditioning in your business. Whether it’s for the office, or a room like a server room, which demands proper ventilation and safety.

To find out more about our services, or just get some consultation, give us a ring on: 01483 570120. Alternatively, get in contact by filling out the provided contact form here. We can’t wait to get in touch with you, and get that sleep comfortable again.