Storing and keeping wine and beer at the correct temperature has been a problem for centuries. Fortunately, in the modern age, technology is being developed that makes sure we have the chance to store wine and beer in their optimum conditions.

Our team at Acclimatise Airconditioning have identified a solution for residential and commercial premises requiring cellar cooling systems. Increasingly, we are finding this is a requirement in high-end homes where the homeowner has invested in developing their own wine cellar within their property. Not only does consideration have to be given to a system that is energy efficient and can provide effective temperature control, but because it is part of a well-designed environment, the aesthetics play a significant part too. Taking all of these things into consideration, we have the answer that ticks all the boxes. 

Unlike the more traditional cellar cooling systems, the solution we have found is a highly efficient AC range that can be specifically modified to suit low temperature applications in both commercial and residential premises. The latest models are built to the highest industry standards to ensure optimum safety and are relatively lightweight with a slim and compact design. The compressors in the system are inverter driven; ensuring that they are highly energy efficient in comparison to other, more standard, compressors. It is complemented by a design that has been developed for aesthetics making it the perfect cellar cooling solution for both commercial and residential applications. 

We are able to help you make this a reality in your commercial or residential property. We will discuss the range of options for your space and property before we design and install the ideal wine and beer cellar cooling system for your needs.

Contact the team at Acclimatise Airconditioning for expert advice and a free no obligation quote for your cellar cooling installation.

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