An ideal climate can be achieved with a solution that is tailored to your home, office or building.

Every configuration is slightly different and we find the best solution depending on the space available, what it’s used for and how many people occupy an area.  

Our job is not to baffle you with the technical jargon (although we can if you’d like us to!).  Our job is to access the range of technology solutions that make the air warmer, cooler or fresher to improve your climate. 

Our Solutions

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Air Conditioning

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Heat Pumps

At Acclimatise AirConditioning we work with leading manufacturers who have designed state of the art systems for homeowners using the latest technology.  

Daikin have a phenomenal range of award-winning products that are revolutionising the climates of homes across the world.  

Air Source Heat Pumps have transformed the Air Conditioning market meaning that homeowners can experience the luxury of a consistent climate whatever the weather that is inexpensive to run. 

Air Source Heat Pumps are powered by around 80% energy extracted from the air and 20% electricity, giving you low-energy cooling in the summer and heating in the winter for the perfect home environment, year-round.  They can still extract heat when air temperatures are as low as -15°C.

There are huge benefits of living in a temperature-controlled environment. Being able to sleep more comfortably and work more efficiently comes from finding the right solution.

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Business owners and building managers have long recognised the importance of temperature control but what about air quality?  Clean air that is extracted from the outside and pumped into a building is now a priority.

At Acclimatise AirConditioning, we are proud Daikin Business partners and install their leading technology into homes and offices across the South East. We are a solution driven company who will look at the climate of a home or office and find the best technology that delivers the ideal temperature.

We take the time to plan the best solution to give you an energy-efficient, heating and cooling system that is designed specifically for your use of the building. This can be an independently controlled single split wall mounted unit in a Server Room, or a fully ducted system in an open-plan office.

Open plan living is often expensive or difficult to heat; increased volumes of glass means that kitchens flooded natural light become unbearably hot in the summer.

What seems the perfect space for family living can be severely impacted by the wrong temperature. An Air Source Heat Pump redresses this balance meaning that the climate is maintained year-round without costing the earth, either financially or environmentally.

And let’s talk about moisture in our homes. Another factor in our environment that we probably notice but not enough to do anything about it. As the temperature in your home starts to dip, have you noticed small amounts of condensation on your windows?

It’s a horrible feeling knowing that the moisture builds up as you sleep. During the winter months the warm air that the heat pump circulates also reduces the amount of condensation in your home.

Heat pumps have filters that clean and purify the air removing dust particles in your home.  Annual maintenance checks ensure that the filters remain clean making it an excellent solution for those suffering from allergies.


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