Increase workplace productivity with air conditioning in Farnham

Air conditioning in Farnham offices is a great business decision that can lead to happier staff and higher productivity. Find out more about air source heat pumps today.

Air conditioning in Farnham is already making a positive difference for businesses. We’re seeing commercial landlords and business owners making the choice to install air conditioning to increase team comfort and productivity.

Let’s take a closer look.

Is there a workplace maximum temperature?

The Health and Safety at Work Act doesn’t actually specify the maximum temperature for an office environment. This is because it’s one act for all workplaces, and some are necessarily warmer than others. You wouldn’t expect a busy kitchen to be cool all the time, and you wouldn’t expect to take your fleece off if you worked at an ice rink! 

However, office environments are easier to keep at a constant temperature. Savvy employers know that creating a comfortable environment is not only better for staff but also better for productivity. 

Comfortable employees are more productive

When we’re too hot at work, it is impossible to be as productive as we usually are. We can’t think clearly and we make silly mistakes. This means having to do simple tasks twice over – such a waste of time and resources.  

We also work more slowly and take more breaks. We’ll finish the water in the cooler…but our to-do lists will be as full as ever. 

Fortunately, when an employer or building owner installs air conditioning, the employees don’t notice the outside temperature. They can carry on working at their normal level, ensuring the productivity you’d expect from them.

Comfortable employees are happier

Being too hot in the workplace can also lower morale. Any challenges become more challenging, and it can be easy for staff to over-react to problems. This can create further problems like grievances and resignations. 

However, with air conditioning to make the working environment cooler, your employees can carry on as normal without the hot weather getting them down. 

Invest in air conditioning, invest in your business

When you install air conditioning in your business premises, you’re sure to see a return on your investment. If you’re a commercial landlord, installing air conditioning will make your premises more attractive to businesses. If you’re a business owner, you’ll lose fewer working days to hot weather, and potentially make savings on HR issues too. 

Air conditioning in Farnham

If you own commercial property in the Farnham area or anywhere else in Surrey or Hampshire, we can supply, install and maintain air conditioning units for you. Explore our website to find out more, or get in touch today for a no-obligation quote from our friendly team. 

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