Kitchen, Guildford

Living Room, Milford

Bedroom, Fleet

Bedroom, Frimley

Bedrooms & Family Room, Ascot

Kitchen & Loft Room, Farnham

Barn Conversion, Elstead

Bedrooms, Camberley

Bedroom, Hindhead

Bedrooms & Living/Dining Room, Chobham

Loft Bedrooms, Fernhurst

Bedrooms, Ashtead

Master Bedroom, Godalming

Bedroom, Guildford

Kitchen/Dining Room, Ash Vale

Loft Bedroom, Farnborough

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"Would 100% recommend these guys if you're thinking of getting AirCon in your house."



"I must tell you how pleased I am with the total experience of dealing with your company. From the first contact, through to the installation, everything you undertook was done in a most professional way."


“The best improvement to our house, ever.”


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