How does temperature affect your productivity at home?

Do you find that people in your house all operate best at different temperatures?

The temperature in your working environment can have a huge impact on how productive you are.  Balancing the needs of everyone at home can be tricky at the best of times, but with more and more of us working from home, battles over the thermostat are becoming increasingly common, trying to balance out temperature, comfort and cost.

Challenges can also extend to the rooms themselves.  Are you working in a small spare bedroom and you find yourself heating the whole house?  Or maybe working at the kitchen table in a large open plan space?

An air source heat pump is maybe a lesser known solution to balancing the challenges surrounding problems of cost, temperature and indeed your carbon footprint.

An air source heat pump can provide up to 3 times the amount of electrical energy it consumes in the form of heat energy for your home. By using the outside air, it is repurposed to heat your home, costing less, leaving you to turn up the thermostat without concern.

Solutions vary from a fully ducted system integrated throughout your home to individual units installed in key areas of a home such as an open plan kitchen or living space. Long gone are the days of huddling around an electric heater – an air source heat pump is more cost effective, comfortable and has substantially less environmental impact.

Who knew that an air source heat pump could end years of tussles over the thermostat – once it’s installed, families can enjoy the feeling of warmth in the winter and cool in the height of summer.

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