What are the different types of ventilation and why are they important?

As we enter buildings, schools and offices the quality of the air we breathe is undoubtably something that plays on our minds. Good ventilation reduces the risk of COVID-19 being transmitted in the air and it’s worth spending some time explaining the differences in the types of ventilation options.

There are two main ways of ventilating a room namely, natural (opening doors and windows) and mechanical.  Many schools and colleges are using natural ventilation in classrooms.  No doubt you will have seen and heard parents sending their children to school wearing additional layers of clothes as windows are opened wide to ensure maximum air flow into classrooms.

The way that schools and offices are ventilated may well be re-evaluated as we enter 2021.  There are other options to natural ventilation when it comes to keeping the air clean, warm (or indeed cool).

Mechanical ventilation

Air conditioning systems are a way of ventilating a room mechanically, ensuring the temperature is maintained and fresh, clean air is circulated into a room.

Systems that provide heating and air conditioning are known as (HVAC) which stands for heating and ventilation air conditioning.  The benefits of (HVAC) are vast not least:

  • heating in the winter
  • cooling in the summer
  • maximising the air flow into a room, minimising air that has been recirculated
  • minimal maintenance is required, being regular maintenance checks to ensure filters remain clean and components aren’t overloaded resulting in system failure

As we enter the early winter months of 2021, schools and colleges will need to continue to find the balance between clean air and keeping students warm.  Shops, restaurants, and offices will face a similar dilemma, one that may change as temperatures increase.

Hands, face, space have become second nature to us all.  The air we breathe is equally important and finding ventilation solutions that underpin these actions is crucial.

At Acclimatise Airconditioning, we have helped homeowners, restauranteurs, shop owners and businesses to find the best ventilation solutions for their buildings.  Please get in touch to see how we can help you.

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