Calling all business owners in Berkshire and Buckinghamshire! 

The latest IPCC report makes dim reading to say the very least but can we limit the climate breakdown?

Climate change and wanting to reduce the impact we have on the environment is something we all aspire to but in reality, we don’t know how we can achieve the illusive target of becoming ‘net zero’.

In fact, what does ‘net zero’ even mean?  Essentially, we all need to do our part in reducing the amount of carbon we put into the atmosphere and this can be achieved by making some relatively simple changes. 

And whilst the IPCC report is hard-hitting in its conclusions, it does offer hope that if net-zero is prioritised and achieved, the damage to the planet can be mitigated.

Low Carbon Workspaces are a government backed organisation that has the help and expertise to help you substantially reduce your carbon footprint.  Match-funded grants will cover up to one third of low carbon project costs.  What does this mean for your business?  

If you were planning to upgrade your air conditioning or find ways to reduce your carbon footprint through more energy efficient heating and cooling solutions, such as an air source heat pump, this scheme will pay towards the total cost of the project. Match-funded grants of £1,000 – £5,000 are now available from Low Carbon Workspaces and here at Acclimatise Air Conditioning, we have been endorsed as one of their approved suppliers.  

We can quote for the work to install or upgrade your air conditioning which you can then include in your grant application. Once approved, we can go ahead with the installation, and you are safe in the knowledge that our company has been endorsed as a Low Carbon Workspace approved supplier.  You can then reclaim an agreed percentage of the project cost.  

Why not visit the Low Carbon Workspaces website to see how a grant of up to £5,000 could help your business?

As installers of Air Conditioning and Air Source Heat Pumps across Berkshire and Buckinghamshire, we are delighted to be part of this scheme and are working with local businesses to help them on their path to becoming ‘net zero’. 




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