Air Conditioning that is safe and compliant

Air Conditioning that is safe and compliant

Having an Air Conditioning system installed isn’t an off the peg solution.

It is now a legal requirement for building owners to notify Building Control of any works that have been completed that fall under the Building Regulations; regulations that are subject to ongoing changes and updates. New energy efficiency requirements mean that any work that may cause a change to the energy status of a building must be notified and registered.

As homeowners, it’s very difficult to keep up to date with changes to Building Regulations.

Acclimatise Air Conditioning are delighted to announce that our application to join the BESCA Competent Person Scheme has been successful and we are now part of this national scheme. It means that we are now able to directly notify Building Control of the works carried out, saving you costly local authority inspection fees.

Not many homeowners realise that the installation of air conditioning in a residential dwelling or commercial property is classed as “building work” and is therefore notifiable under Building Regulations 2010 (as amended).

It is therefore crucial that the installation of air conditioning is carried out by a person/company registered with a Competent Person Scheme, to comply with Building Regulations.

Acclimatise Air Conditioning can now self-certify our work and provide our customers with a Certificate of Compliance with Building Regulations.

Membership in the Scheme also gives customers confidence that we have been assessed as “competent” to install air conditioning systems. As part of this scheme, there is an ongoing commitment to compliance, quality and safety – providing reassurance and a quality service to building owners.

We will keep up to date with regular updates on the latest industry thinking including Building Regulations and Health and Safety guidance, with access to training opportunities to ensure we remain compliant.

Please get in touch if you would like your Air Conditioning solution installed. And of course, we can discuss this scheme with you; with Air Conditioning being such a substantial investment for homeowners, it is crucial that it meets all housing regulations. A perfect climate and peace of mind that the solution is compliant and safe.

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