Air conditioning in Godalming – energy use and climate

air conditioning in Godalming

Air conditioning in Godalming – energy use and climate

Try as we might, residents of Planet Earth can’t come up with a completely carbon-neutral energy solution. Even green energy has its footprint, and anything that uses power is going to impact our environment. This includes the air conditioning we install in Godalming homes to make our hotter summers more bearable. Installing air conditioning to mitigate against hot summers can be seen as adding to climate change. However, by maintaining your air conditioning appliances, they should continue to run efficiently. This means they will use less power than old or poorly maintained systems.

Let’s take a closer look.

Understanding air conditioning efficiency

COP is the ratio that measures the energy efficiency of the heating performance. A higher ratio means greater efficiency. EER is the ratio that measures the energy efficiency of the cooling performance – again, the higher the ratio, the better the efficiency. You can also tell how efficient your air con system is from its letter grade. A+++ is the best and G is the worst. Thanks to a device called an inverter, efficient air conditioning turns off when it reaches a certain temperature. Inverters come in three grades: standard, mid-range and high-end, with standard using the most energy and high-end the least. Over time, a mid-range or high-end inverter offers the best value, while their efficiency gives them a lower footprint than the standard models.

Regular maintenance

Once your air conditioning is installed, regular maintenance will keep it running at maximum efficiency. Of course, you should always book professional maintenance visits with us. Having a regular maintenance schedule means that our team of qualified engineers will be able to spot any problems and address them before they become serious issues, saving you money on costly repairs.

Update your system

If you already have air conditioning but your system is over ten years old, consider replacing it. A new system will have a better energy rating, and should use less energy to keep your home cooler. Remember, all appliances use energy, but up-to-date, well-maintained air conditioning systems are more efficient than old ones. The less energy your air conditioning needs to keep your house cool, the lower its carbon footprint. This is a serious consideration as we wrestle with the problems of climate change.

Air conditioning in Godalming – book installation or maintenance today

If hotter summers mean you’re considering air conditioning, or you have a system that needs a service, we’d love to hear from you. Our friendly team can help you find the best option, while a professional maintenance session will give you peace of mind. To find out more, get in touch today on 01483 570 120.

Image of Godalming from Wikimedia

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