Air conditioning – would you notice if it wasn’t there? 

Air conditioning – would you notice if it wasn’t there? 

Air conditioning is something we’re coming to expect in certain situations. Many of us travel in temperature-controlled cars, as comfortable in the coldest winter as on the hottest summer days. Train journeys have improved with climate-controlled carriages, and we’ve come to expect shopping centres and public buildings to be pleasant places to visit and work.

In this blog, we look at how air conditioning is already improving lives, and the benefits of having it installed in your home too.

Air conditioning when we travel

Air conditioning is essential for our comfort whether we’re travelling by car or public transport. In days gone by, people would sometimes travel at night in summertime to avoid the heat of the day. But nowadays, we expect our cars, trains, ferries and aeroplanes to have air conditioning to keep comfortable – outside temperature rarely plays a part in our travel plans at all. 

Air conditioning in shops and public buildings

Businesses have seen many advantages to having air-conditioned buildings. In the retail sector, businesses are seeing shoppers hurry out of the cold into a warm shop, or out of the heat into a cool one. Once there, they welcome the comfort and want to stay – feeling relaxed is conducive to making purchases so the business does well too. 

Likewise, libraries, museums and leisure centers see a higher footfall when they can offer a comfortable environment for visitors. 

And if you go out to work, an air-conditioned office is more likely to boost your productivity than one that is either hot and stuffy or freezing cold. 

We’re all used to visiting places that are air-conditioned, so much so that we don’t even notice! But if the air conditioning were not there, we would probably be quick to feel it. We would probably notice we didn’t enjoy shopping, exercising or visiting that exhibition as much as we thought we would. 

Air conditioning at home

When we consider the advantages of air conditioning in public places, it’s easy to see what it can bring to our homes too. We all deserve a comfortable space to live, relax, invite friends, enjoy family time and more. We don’t suffer extremes of temperature when we go shopping so why should we suffer at home? 

Commercial and residential air conditioning from Acclimatise

Our experienced team have fitted countless air-to-air heat pumps in both residential and commercial spaces. Whether you’re looking for air conditioning for your home or business in Cranleigh, we can find the right solution for your needs. To find out more, explore our commercial projects here and our residential projects here. And if you’re ready to book an installation, get in touch today on 01483 570 120 – we’d love to hear from you. 

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