Air conditioning in Epsom – improve your home’s energy rating

Air conditioning in Epsom – improve your home’s energy rating

Air conditioning in Epsom properties can be an environmentally-friendly step, improving the comfort of your home and helping your energy consumption too. The UK government has pledged to get the country to net zero by 2050, and an important part of that target is improving the energy rating of homes. In this blog, we look at how installing a heat pump can improve your home or rental property’s energy performance, and why it matters.

Why does energy consumption matter?

It’s important for homeowners to know how much energy their home is using for a number of reasons.

1. Cost

Using energy inefficiently means that you’re spending money where you don’t need to. With rising energy prices, we are all becoming more aware of how much it costs to warm and cool our homes. Fortunately, when we reduce our energy consumption, we also reduce our bills.

With or without energy price rises, choosing energy-efficient options is the better long-term solution. Instead of going without heat to save money, we can enjoy a comfortable home for a lower price when we choose an air-to-air heat pump.

2. Commercial viability

A good energy rating for our property makes it commercially viable too. Energy consumption is a key statistic when a buyer is looking for a new home – if they bought your old home, could they afford to run it? Or would they have to invest in upgrading it to keep it affordable and more environmentally friendly? A good energy rating will make your home more attractive to buyers.

Over in the rental market, it’s worth noting that by 2025, it will be illegal to let a property with an energy rating of less than C. Even if you’re not a landlord, this statistic is a useful barometer, indicating the pressures and priorities in the UK property market.

3. Environmental impact

This is really the most important reason for lowering your energy consumption, but it’s also the most difficult to visualise which is why we’ve put it last. We all need to be using less energy – the less energy, the less heat, and the less heat, the less the impact on our planet. Understanding how much energy goes into running our homes and looking for ways to reduce it is an important step in slowing climate change.

Air-to-air heat pumps – part of the solution

If you’re considering installing air conditioning, an air-to-air heat pump could be the solution you’re looking for. They are one of the most efficient heating and cooling systems available, using one unit of energy to produce four units of heat. This is because they extract heat from the air they draw in, using one unit to drive the air conditioning unit and taking the additional three units of heat from the air. When used correctly and properly maintained, the heat pumps we install have an energy efficiency rating of A+++. Depending on the rest of your house, this great rating may improve the overall energy level of your home.

Air conditioning in Epsom

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