Air conditioning in Reigate – how long does it take for a heat pump to warm up a room?

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Air conditioning in Reigate homes has already made a positive impact to homeowners’ quality of life. They benefit from cool comfort during summer heatwaves and a cosy living space during the winter, alongside lower heating bills and a reduced environmental impact.
But did you know that heat pumps also heat rooms more quickly than radiators? In this blog, we look at this key benefit of heat pumps and what a difference it can make to your home life.

How long does it take for a heat pump to warm up a room?

On average, a heat pump can warm a room in just fifteen minutes. This means that you’ll start to feel comfortable on a winter’s day almost immediately. While most people heating their homes with heat pumps use timers to control the heating during the winter, the fast room-warming times give you the option to turn on the heating as soon as you need it. If you’re unexpectedly at home during the working day, you can quickly warm your house at the touch of a button. A faster warming time also means you use less energy. With traditional boilers and radiators, some of the energy is energy during the heating up process – energy is getting used but you’re not feeling the benefit!

Why do heat pumps work so quickly?

A heat pump works by extracting warmth from the outside air. As long as the air temperature is above -15 centigrade, the heat pump can extract heat from it. The heat is then pumped straight into the house. By contrast, electric heaters warm up slowly, as does the water in radiators. This wastes time and energy.

Improve your quality of life with minimum environmental impact

Air-to-air heat pumps are one of the most efficient ways of heating and cooling your home. Just one unit of energy can create four units of heat – an efficiency no gas or electric boiler can rival. Our customers are benefiting from lower energy bills, while also helping the UK reach its carbon-neutral targets.

Air conditioning in Reigate – is it time to change how you heat your home?

An air-to-air heat pump could help you warm your home faster and reduce your energy bills. If you think it’s time to make the switch, Acclimatise would love to help. Explore our site to find out more, or get in touch today on 01483 570 120.
PS – did you know there is 0% VAT on heat pumps? Find out more here.

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