How important is a good night’s sleep?

Sleep.  It is something we all take for granted until it is interrupted.  Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for health and well-being.

University of Surrey Sleep Researchers say that “sleep disorders are surprisingly common, with approximately 10 to 20 per cent of the population reporting frequent sleep disruption”.

They cite many variables to achieving a good night’s sleep, not least avoiding alcohol and caffeine and maintaining a regular exercise routine.

It is also important to have a restful bedroom with a comfortable temperature. Fluctuations in temperature can make it difficult to sleep especially if members of the family are in box rooms or loft conversions.  To spend the summer months in a hot room with interrupted sleep can really affect well-being.

An air conditioning unit can make a world of difference to maintain the temperature in your home. Some may worry that the temperature will drop too low.  Whilst this is true when using an electric fan, an Air Conditioning unit maintains the temperature of a room meaning it never gets too hot or too cold.mechanic

And what about children’s bedrooms, especially babies and toddlers?  We’ve all been there, cooling a room with a fan at bedtime and then worrying about leaving the bedroom window open.  Air conditioning removes this worry.  At bedtime, you enter a room at the perfect temperature that is maintained throughout the day.

We often think about an air conditioning unit being useful only in the summer months.  A unit is in fact an air source heat pump that can be used to cool a room in the summer and heat a room in the winter.

It cools the space by transferring heat from inside your home to outdoors in the summer. That same reversing valve can absorb heat energy from the outside air and even in extremely cold temperatures, transfer the heat inside in the winter. You can introduce a renewable heating (and cooling) solution into your home that has the potential to reduce your carbon footprint.

Families in Surrey and Hampshire are discovering the benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps that extend beyond traditional Air Conditioning systems.

Put simply, 80% of the energy extracted from the air and 20% comes from electricity, making it a cost effective solution.

With over 25 years installing and servicing Air Conditioning solutions in Surrey and Hampshire, we are trusted by families across the South East.

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