Tropical Nights are on the up – Could Air Conditioning help you to sleep at night?

Tropical Nights are on the up – Could Air Conditioning help you to sleep at night?

The number of ‘Tropical Nights’ – when temperatures stay above 20C is increasing. This comes as no surprise as the temperatures steadily increase as a result of climate change.

On 7th August, BBC Breakfast reported on the Heatwaves mission which is a collaboration between The Open University (OU) and The Royal Meteorological Society, supported by BBC Weather, that looks at temperatures and how people react in the hot weather.

An Open University Professor reports that heatwaves are becoming more common and extreme temperatures can impact health, especially at night time.

Studies are of course incredibly useful to quantify temperatures and capture public feeling but as an Air Conditioning company, we can already see how extreme temperatures impact behaviour.

In recent weeks, many of our new enquiries come from families who are struggling to sleep and just want some light relief from the heat.  They say that tempers are short and children are overtired. For those working from home, concentration is difficult and energy levels drop.  Even pets struggle, getting lethargic and dehydrated.

Rather than change behaviour in the form of slower days at home with the blinds down, air conditioning can improve the quality of life for everyone in the family.  Temperatures are controlled and regular family routines can be maintained.

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