Air conditioning in Guildford – why are Surrey summers getting hotter?

Air conditioning in Guildford

When the weather is like it has been this summer, many of us could be enjoying the benefits of air conditioning in Guildford homes. This summer has seen record-breaking temperatures in Guildford, with highs of 35 degrees Celsius recorded on 18th July. With all our experience of British summers, it would be easy to think the recent heatwave was an isolated incident, but the truth is, hot summers could become an annual event and the link to man-made climate change is impossible to ignore.

What is climate change?

Climate change is a phrase we’ve all lived with for so long that it’s easy to lose sight of what it really means. But our climate has been changing ever since the Industrial Revolution when the emissions from mass production started to create a layer of gas around the Earth that traps heat from the sun. These are called greenhouse gases and they are what causes temperatures on Earth to rise.

Air conditioning in Guildford

While sun-worshippers may joke about enjoying the warmer weather, the effects of climate change are wide-reaching and serious. Life on Earth is a delicate balance, with many plants and animals only able to live in certain conditions. The imbalance affects them profoundly. This isn’t just about insects you’ve never heard of becoming extinct in the Amazon. This is about the ecosystems that yield the food you eat. It’s about where on the planet it’s possible for humans to live and thrive. Remember that deserts are some of the most sparsely populated areas on earth. Fortunately, understanding climate change could stop the UK from becoming a barren wasteland.

Is air conditioning in Guildford the answer to climate change?

Air conditioning can minimise the effects of rising temperatures. As the UK’s recent heatwave showed, excessively hot weather can limit our productivity and lower our standard of living. Fortunately, with air conditioning, we can manage the effects of hot weather on the way we live and work.

Of course, air conditioning does use electricity, but it’s encouraging to see the UK’s using more renewable energy. In fact, last winter, nearly 43% of the UK’s energy came from renewable sources like wind and solar farms. Many households are switching to green energy suppliers, meaning that they can use air conditioning to fight the effects of climate change without contributing to the problem.

How can air conditioning help?

With air conditioning at home, even the hottest weather won’t stop us doing what’s important to us. We can work productively, enjoy time with friends and family, and sleep at night. Air conditioning can create a more restful environment for our children and give them sanctuary from the heat outside.

Climate change is a reality we have to live with, and governments and individuals are doing excellent work to slow it down. In the meantime, Surrey families deserve comfortable homes, even in the hottest weather. To find out how our air conditioning could benefit you, get in touch today on 01483 570120.

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