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Air conditioning in Bracknell’s commercial buildings is already making a difference to workers. Bracknell has one of the biggest regeneration schemes in the UK and is an important employment centre in the home counties. 

However, we also know that employers are under more pressure than ever to create the right experience for their employees. 

In this blog, we look at why employers are under this kind of pressure and how improving the office environment can mitigate against employee attrition.

Why is employee experience important in 2023?

It may seem strange that employers are struggling to keep staff at a time when many people are faced with the cost-of-living crisis. However, the pandemic caused many workers to rethink their priorities, which in turn caused the workforce to shrink. A surprisingly large number have left the regular workforce voluntarily, taking early retirement and choosing to be at home with family rather than out at work. 

Another factor is technology. With the connectivity the internet brings us, it’s easier for employees past and present to share their experiences of working with particular companies. This has the knock-on effect of raising expectations. For example, if an employee at Company A has an air-conditioned office, an employee at Company B might read about it and want that comfortable working environment too. Of course, raising standards is always a positive step, and good employers take action to ensure that their employees feel valued. 

This employee information-sharing also helps future workers decide whether they want to apply to your company. Knowing what’s available, they’ll be looking for benefits beyond the salary, and details like comfortable working environments are important to them. 

How do air-conditioned offices in Bracknell help with employee retention?

If you’ve ever worked in an office that isn’t air conditioned, you’ll know how grim it can be on a hot day. Everyone’s got their shoes off (nice) and they’re focusing on the easy tasks because it’s just too hot for the challenging ones. Everyone is clock-watching and no one’s being very productive. 

But an air-conditioned office is a great place to work. Employees probably won’t notice the air conditioning; they’ll just notice that they feel calm and productive. Feeling consistently good at work means that they’re more likely to stay, gaining experience at your company and helping it to grow. 

Current employees might rate the working environment on Glassdoor or similar. To attract high-calibre recruits, you’ll want to score as high as you can. Improving the working environment by installing air conditioning could help. 

Air conditioning in Bracknell commercial buildings

Acclimatise have installed air conditioning in Bracknell and other commercial centres in the home counties, improving office environments and employee satisfaction. If you think your office would benefit from air conditioning, our full circle service could be the answer. Explore our site or get in touch to find out more. 

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